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  • Wiews from away

    I think this quest is not ready to be completed ...
    * Stendhal syndrome is a psychosomatic disorder (mental disorder that affects the body) that is part of the traveler's syndromes. It is characterized by an overload of emotions among travelers in admiration of a work of art.

  • Namibia

    Namibia deep from a different angle. Its tracks, its canyons, its deserts, its rich and varied vegetation, its mountains and valleys which make that one can only be interested in the geology and, without Etosha, which by the dazzlement that this park causes, erase a little the rest. Where wildlife is not featured, but captured in its natural environment.


  • France & Paris

    Ha! Paris....

    My hometown. I could not live there today, but I still love him so much

    And France, with its multitude of landscapes as diverse as varied. Sea, mountain, countryside, desert, ...

    There is so much to say that I will not say more.

    I show you ?!?


  • Europe

    La Grèce, l'Italie, l’Espagne, ...

    Tous ces horizons que je croyais si lointains quand j'étais môme et qui me faisaientt rêver et qui, aujourd'hui, me font autant rêver mais qui ne sont qu'à une heure d'avion.


  • USA

    The USA ! Or more exactly the American West

    Territory of Indian legends and countries of cowboys, James Dean and Marilyn.

    Country of all my pre-adolescent phantasies, Lucky Luke reader.

    My first solo trip (which cost me my Bachelor and the first white hair of my poor mom!)


  • Les Philippines

    Sidewalks from Manila to the Sulu Sea, from Busuanga Island to El Nido in traditional bangka. Beach of dreams in Port Barton, getaway to Puerto Princessa, discovered volcanic island of Camiguin, and flanneries on the island of Bohol, chocolate hills to the famous "gremmlings" tarsiers through Alona beach or the fabulous sunsets of Panglao.
    just dreams!
    May I taking you there ?...
                                                                                                                                                                                 Suite ...
  • Bretagne

    La Bretagne est connue comme une véritable terre de légendes, où la frontière entre réel et imaginaire est mince.

    En Bretagne, chaque ville, chaque lac et chaque pierre a sa légende. Les contes et autres histoires empruntes de surnaturel sont monnaie courante et ont bercé l’enfance de beaucoup de  petits bretons. 

    Suivez-moi pour une petite incursion au pays du Graal dans les pas du roi Artur...


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