Wild life

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    How to explain what I can feel when my eyes meet those of a great monkey that I observe, those of a lion siestant after his meal 2 meters from me or those of an elephant crossing the track right in front of my vehicle.

    How not to see, in the eyes of the first, an attempt to make contact with a being who looks a little like him and does not seem threatening. In that of the second, a vague regret of being sated in the face of such an easy prey, and in that of the last, a certain contempt for this tiny creature who dares to pretend to slow him down in his wandering.

    It is this emotion, this feeling (admittedly, unfortunately purified cocktail endorphin and adrenaline felt at the time to trigger (a real hard drug!)) I try to pass and transmit. I do not always succeed, but to my surprise, I also discover in some clichés considered missed, emotions that I had not suspected.

  • The "Big Five"

    Symbol of Southern Africa!
    The Big Five: Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhinoceros
    It was the hunters who made them emblematic species, the prey that had to be hunted to be part of the club, but far from the most dangerous.
    Do not underestimate the power of the hippopotamus or ...                                                                                                    picture    

  • from all horizons

    All the others, then.
    Wild beasts, antelopes, small, huge, beautiful, fascinating and more "ugly", see improbable, ...
    But not especially Africans. From France, Europe, USA, Asia. The whole world is full of surprises


  • In the air

    It is Africa that made me discover this universe. Until then, for me, with the exception of birds of prey, all the birds looked more or less alike.

    But the discovery of the extraordinary colors of the great Jabiru, the rollier, the majesty of a serpentine makes me even today from my window, I take the time to observe a tit, a starling or a gray wagtail.

    A universe in its own right!



    The Kruger
    For me, a paradise. The land of the origins where I am like a kid in a toy store just before Christmas, amazed by everything, from the biggest elephant to the smallest bird.
    But in real life, a terribly hostile place where drama and violence are the common lot, where the hunter of the morning can be the prey of the evening.
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